Winter, Christmas, Paris

At all times Paris was the place which attracted and still attracts millions of visitors from every corner of the globe. Thanks to the architecture, history, and its unique picturesque spirit Paris is some kind of “Mecca” for numerous tourists. And what is indeed important is that the City on the Seine does not lose the feature, uniqueness and appeal any time of the year. Thanks to that its streets are filled by eager travelers.

For those (no matter where they come from, cold Russia and Canada, or hot Australia and Argentina) who have luck to see Paris in winter, the city remains in memory as magnificent, fantastic and shrouded in aura of romanticism.

Fast approach of Christmas and New Year’s holidays in the capital of France is already felt by the end of November. It is necessary to notice that for Frenchmen, as well as for the majority of inhabitants of the Western Europe, Christmas is the most significant holiday of the year, and therefore they prepare for it with the big scope.

So, at this time the Champs-Élysées from the Arc de Triomphe to Place Charles de Gaulle (for those who do not remember, there was such a well-known French president-guerrilla) are decorated by the most beautiful light equipment. For your disposal here are forty five (45!) kilometers of garlands, more than hundred and thirty thousand of bulbs, more than six thousand of special lamps-flashes which are lighting up everything around.

The closer the approach of a long-awaited holiday – the more beautiful fur-trees appear in streets of Paris. Like everything in this city, they are dressed in elegant “dresses” from local couturiers. Ten thousand Christmas-New Year trees settle down on the city streets as well as in all restaurants, shops, hotels and houses of Parisians.

If you happen to be in Paris during this remarkable time, you can visit a wonderful exhibition of Christmas trees in Rue de Rivoli (the street of Rivoli) where the celebratory fur-trees are displayed all decorated by designers, stylists, dressers and even confectioners and jewelers representing the well-known brands from every corner of the globe.

For junior tourists it might be a great attraction to visit one of the Parisian puppet theatres where Christmas scenes are performed.

The big square near the Paris mayor’s house decorated by statues of one and a half tens of the most well-known Parisians is the most vivid place during the winter holidays. Lots of grandiose dramatized Christmas plays take place in a huge marquee in this square.

For fans to take a look at vicinities of winter Paris from the height of the bird’s flight, skating at the same time, there is an ice skating rink opened on Tour Eiffel (the Eiffel Tower), at fifty seven meters height. As they say: all for you!

Besides, all other sights of Paris are ready to please city visitors all year round.

In spite of the fact that Parisian streets will be filled by “aroma” of Christmas this time of the year, have pleasure in visiting the most significant places of the French capital, after all it is worth it.

The Avenue des Champs-Élysées and the Arc de Triomphe, Montmartre and the Louvre, Notre Dame de Paris– all this is only a top of an iceberg – the name to which is Paris!