The survived mills of Montmartre

Perhaps some of us do not know what during many years the main symbols of Parisian hill of Montmartre were mills. Thus, in the eighteenth century there were several dozen of them. Unfortunately, today, being in this beautiful area of Paris, we can see only two – exactly so much windmills preserved in Montmartre.

The first one – Moulin Radet is on a beautiful old Lepic street. It was built by a winemaker was intended for grapes pressing. Its huge blades served faithfully the winery owners for many centuries. Locals called the mill Shapon, what translated from French as the young vine. Today the mill is owned by one of the Parisian restaurants.

However, more known is the second mill – Moulin de la Galette, built nearly four hundred years ago in 1622. Its destination was a production of flour. During its existence the mill has become a real symbol of Montmartre, and many famous artists, among them Vincent van Gogh, Romon Casas and Pablo Picasso, painted it in their paintings. Now Galette Mill is privately owned and it is not possible to get in it, so we have to admire it from a distance.