The Arab World Institute in Paris

It is difficult to say there is or not a sense to come to Paris for an acquaintance with the history of Arab civilization, but in this glorious European city the Arab World Institute, opened in 1987, works. This unique cultural center, which includes also the museum exposition, is the result of united efforts of representatives of the world of art and culture, politicians and diplomats from France and twenty-two states of Asia and Africa.

The goal of the Institut du Monde Arabe is to introduce French and other Europeans the culture and history of one of the oldest civilizations on our planet, and, naturally, creating a bridge between Arabs and Europeans.

The charter of the organization has three main directions of activity of the Institute. They are:

• more wide acquaintance of the French people with Arab civilization, language.
•  help in establishing the cultural and technical exchanges between Arab countries and France.
•  activities, directed for improving relations between the Arabs and the inhabitants of Europe.

The facade of the south side of the building of the Arab World Institute in Paris is made in the form of the original ornaments, but with clearly visible modern technologies, indicating the call for Europeans to cooperate with Arabic countries more actively not only in the cultural sphere, but also in science and technology. Beyond the walls of the housing guests are invited to familiarize themselves with an exhibition of metal jalousie, decorated with Arabic ornaments, in which a scientific approach (principle) of the prism through which they will automatically be narrowed by over-sunny weather applied.

As we noted above, the Parisian Institut du Monde Arabe has its own museum, whose collection is constantly growing thanks to new revenue items, donated by private individuals or purchased at various places. The museum collection and the design of the halls clearly show the close connection existing between all Arabic states. A substantial part of the museum exhibits is the official gifts of these countries. For example, we can note that the State Museum of Yemen presented the Paris Institute about five dozen of outstanding items connected with the history of the Arabic world.

All artworks and other items presented in the exhibit are located in the halls of the four floors (from 4th to 7th), and the order of visiting of the exhibits is exactly the same.

A quite remarkable part of the Museum of the Arab World Institute is its top floor, dedicated by the will of the creators to the pre-Islamic period of the Arab peoples. Here the guests can get acquainted with the museum exhibits of Tunisian civilization, ancient Carthage, all sorts of items from different eras, used by people who were living in Arabic countries at that times.

One floor below, visitors of the Institute can see objects and historical materials about the time of formation of art and science in the Islamic civilization. A number of stands is based on the materials that show the time of propagation of Islam by the followers of Prophet Mohamed in other countries, when in some countries in Africa and Asia new cities were founded.

Of course, creators of exposure did not forget the information about the Arab science, whose best times had begun in the tenth century AD. In those days many of the rulers of Arab countries have actively supported the scientific aspirations of their citizens.

In spite of this museum has no relation to France and Paris in particular, be sure, that having visited it, you’ll get the real pleasure and discover the wonderful world of Arabic civilization.