Yes Yes, Paris! Sparkling water for free!

So many ways to invent something for attracting tourists and at the same time to make a useful and kind act. Paris is a very popular destination itself, where millions of tourists from different corners of the world come to, but the city’s authorities (thanks for this) doing a lot to make it more attractive and convenient for people.

By the recent information, the city hall of Paris plans to install special pumps with free sparkling potable water for everyone.

Firstly, a saving for tourists and residents of the French capital.

Secondly, drinking water is healthy.

Thirdly, free sparkling water is cheaper than recycling (plastic bottles and cups).

According to the plans of Paris authorities, special drinking fountains will be installed in all the districts of the city, near the most popular touristic objects mainly.

Every pump will have a sign «sparkling water» in French and English.

Why a «sparkling» but not just a «potable» water? This is a local preference by Frenchmen. 🙂