Rural beauty and simplicity of Paris

In a former Soviet period in Russia this joke was rather popular:

Two old friends talk and one speaks to another:

– The spring has come again, and again I want to go to Paris.

The second reasonably notices:

– Have you visited Paris last spring?

– No, but a year ago I wanted to visit it as much as this year…

Today jokes like this cause a certain lovely pity for those far times when to leave the limits of the native country was almost an unreal business.

Now similar problems do not exist any more, however Paris has not ceased to be that place to which it would be desirable to come. Thus the capital of France is fine not only in spring but at any time of the year under any weather conditions. And after all it is absolutely not casual that since Henry IV they say Paris is the most wonderful in early autumn when it is still warm and sunny.

September in Paris, as a rule, is a very sunny month, even hot it is possible to tell. But its heat is no that “suffocating” as observed in hot summer months. No wonder that in the summer many local residents leave Paris going to travel, and then city streets are filled with crowds of foreign tourists whose number hardly probable does not exceed number of the Parisians, remained in the city. And only in September released from Germans, Englishmen, Japanese and Americans, Parisians come back to Paris to take pleasure in magnificent autumn days of native city.

Inherently, if to make a certain description of the usual Parisian, inhabitants of the French capital are rather restless and hasty people. However, when mellow autumn comes, even the most enterprising and important representatives of business prefer to give less time to work and not to occupy their heads with thoughts on exchange news, level of credit rates and the prices on oil. Other political problems which France has as any other country leave on the background. At this time with the great pleasure everyone prolongs the lunch break only to sit with colleagues in a cafe or a small restaurant to admire the warm autumn sun. Paris in September in general can be compared to a sea beach.

For example, in such days on Saint Martin’s channel to see the parapet occupied by the carefree students stirring about the summer vacations and numerous gentlemen is quite usual, pensioners dozing on shops, and fishermen (can’t do without them) throwing the floats in water.

Near Place Bastille the green lawn is filled with hundreds of ill-matched idlers observing boats and yachts moor in Arsenal harbor.

The Parisian parc des Buttes-Chaumont reminds something rural. Men with obvious pleasure play cards or popular here Pétanque, women can be seen engaged in knitting, having settled down in the armchairs brought with them.

And even such well-known places as jardin des Tuileries, Palais Royal or jardin Luxembourg, are completely different from the places chosen by thousand of tourists. In the early autumn measured life here proceeds – children lap in fountains, and adults lazy sunbathe under beams of the warm sun, having settled down on shops. And such picture can be observed practically everywhere.