Eiffel Tower: the “Ray of Paris” shines again

Many Parisians and tourists have already noted that a beacon on the top of the Eiffel Tower was out of order for some time. Not a big problem, but the “Ray of Paris” (the beacon’s nickname) caught people’s fancy and got something like a symbolic significance, because of it had appeared on the tower together with a new millennium.

A lot of locals get accustomed to the beacon and considered the construction of the Eiffel Tower incomplete when it was absent.

And here after six weeks of repair, the “Ray of Paris” is at a height of 285 meters and gladdens aboriginals and tourists with its bright searchlights.

Moreover, the new beacon’s version is fully computer-aided and thanks to smart soft can find troubles in the system work.

The “Ray of Paris” shines for you again! 🙂