Ratatouille opens in Disneyland Paris

New attraction “Ratatouille” opens in Paris Disneyland. The direction of the park has officially announced the opening date – summer 2014. The new attraction will be located in the newer of two parks – Walt Disney Studio. It’s time to pay tribute to the cute rat Rémy – the hero of the French cartoon created by Pixar.

The attraction will offer an exciting journey of the gifted rat, and you will see the world with his eyes! Yes, yes, all the objects are smaller than you are. And you will realize how difficult the Rémy’s way to became chef of the most famous Parisian restaurant “Chez Gusteau” was. And you will peep into to the kitchen, cold stores and even into the mail room of the restaurant, where he met his boss – chef Skinner.

Of course, you will see Paris, rather its roofs, which Rémy admired.

A distinctive feature of this arena will be that in addition to the attraction you may also enjoy the cuisine from Rémy. The restaurant “Bistrot chez Rémy” offers the famous ratatouille to taste.

We are looking forward to the opening of the new attraction “Ratatouille” in Walt Disney Studio.