Parisian Wall for Peace

Since the school years everybody knows that Mars was revered as the god of war by ancient Romans. That’s why it’s a more than interesting that the Wall for Peace was placed at Parisian Champ de Mars near Eiffel Tower and High Military School. The mission of this object is a reminder to all inhabitants of the planet about the importance of peacekeeping.

The author of this project was Clara Halter, and the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte has realized her idea into reality. Ten-metres-high construction of glass, metal and wood, surrounded by 32 steel columns is located directly opposite Eiffel Tower. The word “peace” is written on the glass walls and columns in many languages.

The prototype of the Wall for Peace is the Western Wall in Jerusalem. To say the true, there is no much visual similarity with Israeli wall, the central point here is the moral message to the humanity.

From the first view Parisian Wall for Peace may looks as ordinary and “cold” structure, but when you get near it you will instantly understand what important and useful function it performs. What is most important, everyone can leave the message to other people, there are special niches for this goal. Thereto, it’s not necessary go to Paris to be privy to the Wall for Peace. Today anyone can send an e-mail message via the Internet, which will be displayed on one of the monitors in the corridor of the wall. Students of local school of foreign languages translate incoming messages into many languages.

What about the history of the object. The Wall for Peace was built in 2000, and its opening ceremony has been conducted by the then President of the French Republic Jacques Chirac.

Perhaps, many tourists do not include the wall into their Parisian tourist routes, but if you find yourself there, leave a message with the wishes of peace. Believe, many people in the world who consider the word “peace” a really great value!