Paris taxi: What is necessary to know about it

Dear friends, our site has given you a lot of helpful information on numerous sights of Paris. But after all, a tourist can excite other question when he or she goes to an unfamiliar city. Always there is a weight of components, to which it is necessary to pay attention not to appear in a difficult situation. For this reason we have decided to devote the given article to such an important phenomenon for a big city, as taxi.

At the present time the number of the cars working in the streets of Paris makes about fifteen thousand. Is it a lot or a little, it’s difficult  to tell Normally it is not a problem catch a taxi,  but sometimes it appears problematic.

The Paris taxi cars have no certain specific coloring of the body as we have got used to observe in many other cities of the world. Unique distinctive element of the Paris taxi is the presence of a small box of white color on a car roof. When in this box the bright bulb is lit, it means that the taxi is free and you can use its services.

If you don’t know phones on which it is possible to carry out the taxi order, as well as all over the world, you can always stop the car with usual rising of a hand. However, here it is necessary to remember that the taxi driver in Paris is forbidden to make a stop on a roadside. For this purpose presence of a special stop of taxi within fifty meters is required.

If a passenger can be on the front seat near the driver during a trip in our country (quite often taxi drivers drive a dog on it) in France with a view of safety it is strictly forbidden, thus it becomes obvious that the maximum number of passengers in a usual automobile car makes three persons. Children, whose age doesn’t exceed ten years, are considered for one adult passenger.

Probably you will manage to persuade the taxi driver in Paris to pass «without the counter», but nevertheless you are supposed to pay for your journey according to its indications. Boarding in a taxi costs 2 euros, and at station or at the airport this sum increases in seventy cents, each element of luggage (for example, a big bag or a suitcase) costs ninety cents more.

Fares across Paris and nearby suburbs divided into three standard tariffs.

The tariff “A” is 0,61 Euros per kilometer from 7am till 7pm during holidays, “B” – 1,03 euros per kilometer in the rest of the time, and the tariff “C” – 1,22 Euros if you leave the Parisian ring road, and also in such suburbs, as Val-de-Marne,Saint-Denis, Hauts-de-Seine. Standing idle is not the cheapest so remember if you ask the taxi driver to wait for you for an hour your purse will grow thinner in 25,5 Euros. On the average a trip across the city costs 10 Euros which is not too expensive. Still remember that in Paris in the end of a trip it is normal to leave a tip to the taxi driver about 1-1,5 Euros.

From our part we wish you remarkable vacation in Paris and pleasant trips in taxi!