Children’s dreams to come true in the Paris Disneyland

Paris always differed from other cities by a great number of interesting places which involve mullions-strong army of tourists from different corners of our planet. Such names as Arch Triomphe, Tour Eiffel, the Louvre and many others became the present card of the French capital visiting which gives huge pleasure to people.

But at the same time the city constantly develops, aspiring to become even more interesting to local residents and visitors. Among entertaining places the Parisian Disneyland occupies a special place; it is ideally suited for interesting pastime for the whole family. With the advent of this park a still bigger number of tourists directed to Paris as now inhabitants of many European countries had an opportunity to get acquainted with a fruit of the American show business without leaving Europe. In the given sketch we will try to tell you in brief about the most interesting components of the Disneyland in Paris.

Naturally, the first what should visitors face, is the entrance to the park of entertainments with special turnstiles; having passed them we appear on Main Street walking on which is accompanied by a familiar melody from the well-known animated film about seven gnomes. And from first minutes of stay here the person gets to circulation of a cheerful and celebratory semifantastic life.

At half past eleven an orchestra starts to play in the main park square under sounds of which parade of heroes of cartoons starts; the head of the parade… it is natural, Mickey the Mouse – the main cartoon hero of Hollywood. As the parade continues the column grows with the new joining characters of animated cartoons, comics, block-busters and westerns.

At darkness approach the main street of the Disneyland lights up with the salutes and fireworks which supplement bright illumination of thousand lamps.

Frontierland. This place devoted to times of conquerors of the American continent in the beginning of the nineteenth century where copies of a fort and gold-bearing mines are erected. The founders of the park created such a cult place as the saloon Lucky Nugget. It is rather relevant for that period of the American history when thousand hunters for good luck went on search of gold deposits. You shouldn’t take everything for real; the main thing is a really remarkable atmosphere which artists, architects and actors have managed to transfer. The basic sight of this corner is the mountain often shown in many westerns – some kind of a symbol of the wild cowboy’s West.

Adventureland. Here the main sight is a unique attraction under name of Pirates of the Caribbean with savages, tropical bogs, and a deserted castle directing horror on mere mortals. Here in the Blue lagoon restaurant you will be offered dishes of the Caribbean region inhabitants. But, look out, at some instant not to turn from the simple tourist to the grasped by pirates participant of the presentation.

Speaking about Disneyland, it is necessary to mention a dizzy attraction – the Roller coaster Big Thunder Mountain, as in the Parisian amusement park they are the most extreme.

Fantasyland. Here the youngest visitors of the centre are the main visitors, and for them the sleeping beauty castle with numerous corridors and halls is prepared. Nobody will pass by the hero of the British epos wizard Merlin and a huge firedrake, gnomes and the Snow White. During the New Year’s holidays Santa Klaus is added to all this brotherhood.

The Parisian Disneyland possesses absolutely unique creations among which it is possible to allocate more than 4-meters high Tour Eiffel made of toothpicks, and a caravel on which Christopher Columbus went sailing.

It is possible to continue the story about this remarkable place for long hours, therefore, it is better to see once, than to hear a hundred times. Come to Paris, visit the Disneyland, and you will feel unforgettable sensations.