Paris is good! But it’s not all France

Many people when France is mentioned imagine Paris with its well-known Tour Eiffel and Champs Elysée. And if the interlocutor says he or she is going to visit France thus without having visited the country’s capital, the most typical remark might be “What do you wish to see there? France is only Paris!” But actually it is the most interesting European country, each region of which will necessarily surprise even the most prejudiced tourist. Lyon differs from Nice the way London differs from New York, and each (even the smallest) French city has the distinctive features inherent only in it.

When you decide to make a trip to France but have no accurate view on where to go, we recommend to pay attention to Aquitania department which administrative centre is Bordeaux – the native land of the well-known wine with the same name.

If you are the admirer of this noble drink visiting these places will not pass for you to no purpose. During the tour to Aquitania you have an opportunity to take pleasure in excursions on magnificent ancient vineyards, to make wine tasting, to buy a couple of bottles.

Also Bordeaux is considered to be an excellent place for shopping lovers. How strange it could sound, but the longest shopping street of France is here, and has the name of Sainte-Catherine. In numerous little shops you can get everything necessary for you.

One more place recommended for visiting is a small town Pau which settles down nearby to border with Spain. Pau is small, but magnificent and extremely hospitable city with great history. Pau is a royal city as it is the native land of the first French king of a dynasty of Bourbons – Henry the Fourth. The inhabitants of the city consider the cradle of this monarch executed from armour of a turtle as the basic sight. It is in the royal palace, and each interested person can look at it.

For tourists a place called Lourdes is quite popular. According to a legend certain Bernadette has beheld Mother of God who has told her about curative forces of water from a local stream. It happened in the end of the eighteenth century, and since that moment Lourdes became a place of numerous pilgrims from different cities from all Europe.

In the subsequence of our articles we will continue to tell you about many interesting places which should be visited, going to a tour across France, as France is not only Paris, it is the most beautiful and many-sided country.