Paris Car-Free Day 2015 – September 27

You’ve never seen such Paris! Frankly speaking, nobody has seen the city this way! Car-Free Day! It was discussed for a long time, and will be realized finally.

Following other world’s capitals, such as Bogotá and Brussels, the action Paris Car-Free Day will be held on September 27. Guests of the city and its residents will have a unique opportunity to see absolutely different city without traffic jams, walking free along the streets – to do what was impossible before.

Of course, at present it’s unreal to repudiate using all the vehicles in a megalopolis (public transport, taxi, airport transfers, cars for disabled persons are enable), none the less, such the actions have never been organized in Paris previously.

Paris Car-Free Day 2015 will be held on Sunday, September 27 from 11-00 a.m. to 6-00 p.m..

Don’t miss your chance to see Paris from a different side! 🙂