From Paris to Brussels for 10 Euros

Paris and Brussels – two beautiful European capitals. Do you want to get from one city to another for only 10 Euro? It is already possible!

The railway company Thalys offers its passengers this opportunity as a part of Izy service.

10 Euro – the cost of the cheapest ticket, which, however, does not guarantee you a seat. 15 Euro – place on a folding seat. 19 Euro – on a standard one. Want to have a comfortable seat – here you’ll have to pay 29 Euros.

Of course, there is a small disadvantage – inexpensive trains will run on regular lines, what increases the time of your trip. If a high-speed train spends less than an hour and a half for the trip from Paris to Brussels, the same trip with Izy will take an hour longer.

On weekdays, these trains will go between Brussels and Paris twice, on weekends there are three trains.

Have good trips and pleasant impressions!