Paris – bird’s eye view

For the first time man flied up over the Earth in Paris – the first balloon with the people on board had risen into the sky of the French capital more than two centuries ago.

Today anyone can see Paris from a bird’s eye view. And the world’s largest tethered balloon «Air de Paris» is based in a city park, named in honor of the legendary industrialist Andre Citroen.

All year-round every 15 minutes the balloon with 30 passengers in its basket rises over the French capital to a height of 150 meters. The flight lasts 10 minutes – this is enough time to enjoy the magnificent panorama of Paris.

It firstly appeared in the Parc André Citroën in 1999 and since that time more than 600 thousand Parisians and visitors of the city had become its passengers.

The attraction begins to work daily from 9.00 am and closes half an hour before the closing of the park (it depends on the season and varies from 17.30 in January to 22.00 from May, 16 to August, 31).

A ticket for one adult passenger of “Air de Paris” costs 10 Euros on weekdays and 12 Euros on weekends and holidays. Children under three years rise into the sky for free; from 3 to 11 years – for 5 or 6 Euro, depending on a day of the week, 12-17 years – for 9 or 10 Euros.

More information on the Paris balloon can be read on the official site of the attraction

Parc André Citroën, those thematic parts are made in different colors, also deserves attention. As many experts say it is one of the biggest parks created in the second half of the 20th century.

Address of the park – 214, Rue St.-Charles, Paris. The nearest metro stations – Balard and Javel.

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