TOP-1 – Paris Beauvais Tille Airport – The most punctual one in Europe

Aircraft on ground Company has conducted a research of passenger air traffic and made its rating of the most punctual airports in Europe. And the winner is Paris Beauvais Airport – located 80 kilometers to the north of the capital. Even if anyone doesn’t consider Frenchmen punctual, their airport is the most “honest” for the last year.

Paris Beauvais has earned the win thanks to a minimum number of scheduled flights delays, thus 96% departures from this airport are in time, what is very good for passengers leaving Paris.

Behind the winner in the list of the best ones in nomination “punctuality” are air harbors of following cities: Birmingham, Dortmund, and Newcastle.

What about passenger airlines, a Latvian Air Baltic follows the time best of all in Europe.

So, dear friends, fly to Paris, you’ll always leave it in time! 🙂