Pantheon: Mandatory to visit in Paris in 2013

One of the most famous Paris attraction – Pantheon – will be closed for restoration for long ten years. And you can see this beautiful example of French architectural classicism with your own eyes until August, 2013, when its dome and colonnade will be hidden with scaffolding.

As a result of the financial crisis, the government is able to allocate only a part from 100 million Euro scheduled before, and largely relies on private investments and donations. So, unfortunately for Parisians and tourists, it means that terms of the reconstruction can be changed.

By the plans, a peculiar art exhibitions on the constructions, which will surround the monument of architecture during the whole decade, to be organized in the open air. However, if you even do not have any scepsis to the modern art, works of the young French painters is not an equivalent “substitute” of the greatness of architectural classics. That’s why the Pantheon’s closing is an serious reason to plan you trip to Paris at an early date.

Visiting this legendary monument, you will know a detailed history of the building and the Abbey of Saint Genevieve from a guide. From our side we just remind that, excepting architectural features, the Pantheon in Paris is also interesting as the burial vault of many eminent Frenchmen. For example, here lies Victor Hugo, Émile Zola, François Marie Voltaire and Jean-Jacques Rousseau.