Palace of Fontainebleau – the legendary residence of French kings

We are going again on a short journey to the interesting places located on a small distance from Paris. This time the hero of our story we chose the palace of Fontainebleau – according to the opinion of many people, one of the most beautiful palaces in France. We have already told you about the village of Barbizon located near the place, but now it’s time to stop on Fontainebleau, revered by many French monarchs.

The Palace of Fontainebleau is located just fifty miles south of Paris and its history goes back almost a thousand years. Therefore, we can say confidently that it had seen many remarkable events connected with the history of France. Over the years from its foundation the palace has undergone many changes – extensions and rebuilding. Special influence on the present view of the object had the Renaissance, and today only one tower remained from the Middle Ages.

But, lets return to the story. Popular among the thousands of tourists palace was founded by the King Francis the First and became the first residence of monarchs in the northern Europe, which had not have any defensive properties. Thus it was a beginning of the era of transition from strict royal castles to luxurious palaces. Order for construction and decoration of new apartments was made to known at that time Italian masters Benvenuto Cellini and Primaticcio.

After Francis went to the forefathers, the mission of building the palace had passed to Henry II Galois and Catherine de Medicis. At this time construction works were in the hands of the famous French architect Philippe Delorme.

The King Henry IV also showed sympathy for Fontainebleau. Exactly he ordered to make the channel of 1200 meters near the palace and put fish into it.

Naturally not all the French kings favored the palace. After Louis XIV moved his residence in Versailles, Fontainebleau was abandoned, decayed and lost its former appeal. The former grandeur of the palace came back during the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte, who loved to spend vacation here rather often. That time the palace’s interiors were updated in a popular Empire style.

Speaking on Fontainebleau, it is impossible not to mention its beautiful forest, which occupies an area of 25 thousand hectares. At all times it was a favorite hunting ground of French monarchs. And today it is popular among many Parisians who come here to relax on weekends.

At presence the park and the palace of Fontainebleau are the parts of World Heritage Site, compiled by UNESCO. In the town of Fontainebleau there are prestigious educational centers on the arts and business.

If you have desire and free time for a tour to Fontainebleau, so you should take a train at Gare de Lyon (departure – every hour) and reach the station Fontainebleau-Avon – the trip takes only about 45 minutes. Here just sit on the bus, which runs from the railway station to the palace (on weekdays the interval between buses – 10-15 minutes, on weekends – 30).

Fontainebleau palace is open for visitors all the year. The museum is closed on Tuesdays. Adult ticket is 6.3 Euro, for children and young people under 18 years the entrance is free. You can also purchase a single ticket (train-bus-palace) in the railway ticket offices SNCF.

We wish you a pleasant time in the palace of Fontainebleau and its wonderful park!

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