New Year in France

New Year is coming and we believe that at least some of you are interested in French customs associated with this holiday.
The evening of December 31 is called St. Sylvester in honor of the pope who was head of the Catholic Church.

As in many countries on the 31st of December the President of the French Republic addresses his congratulations to French people.
It is customary for the French to meet friends at New Year parties as far as New Year is not as family holiday as Christmas, when people prefer to stay with their family. Everybody does his or her best to have fun because as they say in France: ‘…a good beginning makes the whole year good’.
Of course, bear in mind gifts! Santa Claus (or French Pere Noel) leaves gifts not under the Christmas tree, not in socks but in shoes.
Speaking about New Year holidays we can’t but mention January 6 – the Day of Kings. During dinner the participants organize Bean King election. They hide a bean in the pie. A person who finds the bean in his piece becomes the king of the evening, and all family members and guests are required to fulfil the royal wishes till the end of the evening.
Happy New Year! We hope Year 2014 will bring you only positive emotions and also a trip to Paris!