Natural magnificence of Paris — Parc Montsouris

If you manage to come to one of the most beautiful cities of our planet (yes-yes, we, naturally, mean Paris) then add in your excursion program one more place — Parc Montsouris.

This park represents a unique combination of natural environment and professional art of park plantings decoration. In this place children and adults throughout all year have possibility to get acquainted with flora and fauna, history of science, thus becoming closer to the nature.

Parc Montsouris settles down in Southern part of Paris, in the suburbs. On its territory there are numerous rivers, a beautiful lake, water-falls, magnificent avenues and ladders thanks to which moving on park becomes more convenient.  Beautiful groves of trees and bushes, remarkable rosaries (by the way, planted in honor of the well-known artists), monuments of science and history please the visitors’ eyes.

Every morning of Parc Montsouris begins with hundreds of people making mass jogs on its avenues. Basically, these jogs don’t come to an end during the whole day, though the quantity of sportsmen considerably decreases. Closer to noon hundreds (or even thousands) of mummies, grannies and nurses with numerous children start to gather in park. Parc Montsouris is a beloved place for pensioners who have their Parisian apartments settled down nearby; they walk here alone or come with the spouses.

With approach of lunch time young people start to fill the park territory. In the majority those are students from campus settling down nearby. Also at 2-3pm at local small restaurants and cafes whole families gather for dinner after which it is possible to make a pleasant walk on the park avenues.

If to address to the park history it is necessary to notice that its occurrence on Paris map is due to emperor Napoleon III who has been very impressed by English gardens and has ordered to create a similar place in Paris. Thus the emperor initially planned to organize the given green park, as a place where representatives of all estates could spend time. The well-known Baron Haussmann (the Parisian prefect of those years) who has left a serious trace in creation of Paris which we can see today was the executor of the will of the governor. Thanks to this person the capital of France has turned to a magnificent modern city which has become in one number with the most beautiful mega cities of the modern civilization.

So Parc Montsouris is possible to call the child of Baron Haussmann. Certainly, many years has passed since the park has been founded, many changes and additions were made to it, but nevertheless the basic stylistic features are of the time when the prefect of Paris was engaged in change of the city appearance.