Jardin des Plantes – nature, science, pleasure…

Paris is interesting at any time, however, in summer the city blossoms – and not only thanks to colorful garbs of Parisians and guests of the capital. Many parks bloom and delights giving a good mood. Jardin des Plantes (or Botanical Garden) – one of such places, and being in Paris visit it in your free time. Parisian Botanical Garden is a true French pride with a rich history.

You can believe or not, but Jardin des Plantes had appeared on the city’s map in the first half of the 17th (!!!) century. And the park became public very quickly.

Its history began from the decision of a personal doctor of the King Louis XIII to cultivate medicinal herbs necessary for him on a small plot. New plants appeared here constantly and the garden had increased its area – especially in the middle of the 18th century, when Count De Buffon (probably an ancestor of the famous Italian football goalkeeper :-)) was the manager of Jardin des Plantes. In the garden, new plants from different parts of the world (Asia, Africa, America) had being appeared with an enviable regularity.

And already in 1794, in Parisian Botanical Garden  the zoo was established, whose first “guests” became animals from the royal menagerie in Versailles. Unfortunately, their fate was unenviable – they were eaten by hungry Parisians during the war with Prussia. Later, by the way, the zoo was restored.

Today, Jardin des Plantes is a part of the National Museum of Natural History, and it consists of museums of entomology, paleontology and mineralogy, as well as a big gallery of evolution. In addition, you can not go by the aquarium and the zoo.

Mission of the Museum of Natural History is preserving and expanding collection of plants, conducting educational activities – the school of Botany works, there are special sites with new species of plants and an exchange fund.


A separate place in the Jardin des Plantes is occupied by its famous greenhouses, which appeared in the 19th century and at that time were considered the largest in the world. Due to the maintenance of the right temperature, here we can find rare plants from different corners of the Earth.

You’re in Botanical Garden of Paris, so take a stroll through the Grand Labyrinth – original spiral path stretching to the top of the hill through beautiful green thickets.

Alpine garden with two thousand plants collected in Asia, America and Europe also deserves your attention.

You can ask: where is all this miracle located?

Official address of Parisian Botanical Garden: 57 Rue Cuvier, Paris 75005. You can go to it as from Saint-Germain area as from the Gare d’Austerlitz. Metro: Place Monge, Gare d’Austerlitz