Expanding our Paris routes

Classical Paris sights are good of course. And we recommend everyone to visit them, especially to those who come to this city for the first time as to arrive to Paris and not to see Tour Eiffel or the Louvre will be a crime. However, believe that there is still a set of interesting in Paris that is not specified in each tourist guidebook. It is possible to visit such places which actually allow to like the Parisian spirit without pathos of the official sights. In this small narration we wish to tell you about such places of the French capital.

Certainly, many of you would like to visit not only Paris, but to appear in other interesting places of France. Unfortunately in reality it is not obviously possible, but it is possible to admire this country in a miniature. In the big territory near Paris there is a park called “France in a miniature” where small copies of all more or less significant French sights are collected. Here before your look will appear Loire castles, and jam-packed Stade de France, Alpine mountain tops, the Louvre, Notre Dam de Paris and hundred other exhibits. This exposition works from April till November, and it is possible to reach it from Paris for some ten minutes on an electric train to station Saint Quentin en Yvelines.

There is a most interesting Aquaboulevard (this name of a local aquapark) in Paris; it is divided into two parts. One of them is open-air; another is closed from the external world. Here each visitor will find out a great number of every possible pool, fountains, a Jacuzzi and hills (from the most usual to “terrible enough “). Each fifteen minutes the signal warns that it is “tsunami” – time to prepare for waves in pools. In this park a restaurant, a cinema hall, sports shop, the fitness centre work for visitors. The aquapark address: Rue Louis Armand 4.

For some reason the most favorite by Parisians Parc Monceau is very rarely attended by foreign visitors. This is the place where in a considerable quantity local residents gather for family and friendly picnics with cheese and wine, here they play popular in this country game Pétanque. The big romanticism is given to park by artificial rocks and falls. Amateurs of architecture can admire aristocratic houses surrounding the park. It is possible to reach park by the underground, station Monceau.

Having appeared on Montmartre, do not miss possibility to visit cabaret Lapin Agile (Rue des Saules 22) which was in due time rather popular with local poets and artists. There a certain strange sensation of times of sesquicentennial prescription to this day has remained. Probably a bohemian cemetery being nearby promotes it.

In London there is a well-known museum of Madame Tussauds, and Paris can brag of the museum of wax sculptures Grevin which is the most expensive Parisian museum at present also on Montmartre. Certainly, this museum concedes to the English competitor, but in any case visiting it is worth it. Believe, surprises are waiting for you here. To take for instance the mimes who represent statues from themselves and at a given time can tell “greetings” to you. A lot of endurance is required not to be frightened of such harmless greeting.