Etretat – pearl of Normandy

If you think that a worthy France outside Paris is exclusively Cote d’Azure with its famous Cannes and Saint-Tropez, you are under a delusion. France is a country of big contrasts, different landscapes, provinces with their unique characters.

Today it’s some words on admirable Cote d’Albatre (Alabaster Coast), or rather about its real gem – resort town of Etretat. This name is already well-known among lots of tourists from Europe and America, who come here for rest. These people are attracted by the charm of the North Normandie with its beautiful cliffs, green vegetation, and, of course, inimitable people’s colour, which has a long and interesting history.

As other resort towns in Normandie, once Etretat was a small fishing village with severe habitants. And just thanks to its unique landscapes and a rapid development of art in France the settlement became well-known and got a wide popularity. Frequent visitors of Etretat were such famous persons like Delacroix, Monet, Manet, Baudin, Corot, Maupassant, Dumas and many other artists. Exactly these men made the town known world-wide by their works.

Etratat - the rocks

We have to say the main attractions in Etretat are wonderful rocks with arches and caves, beaches washing by waters of the English Channel. But at the same time, tourists will always find here many interesting spots worth to be visited. Especially as because Etretat is a modern resort with all attributes.

Etretat - Church

There is even its own Notre-Dame – an old curch L’eglise Notre-Dame, located uptown. If local residents say the true, this church was built in the 12th century. Besides, if you come here, the local aborigines will tell you a lot of stories and legends about Etretat, which give it an additional charm.

Etretat - L’eglise Notre-Dame

The local architecture makes an impression you are at the shooting area of a medieval tale, – the buildings are just amazing, it seems they are not real.

Certainly, nowadays it’s difficult to imagine a modern resort town without some entertainments, and Etretat offers them to its guests. Golf fields, sea, restaurants, chic hotels, casino – all this is waiting for you in the town.

If you are in Paris, but did not planned the country tours, we recommend you to make a trip to this northern town of France. It’s only two hours by car, and you’ll get unforgettable impressions for a long time!

Have a nice rest!

Etratat - dog Etretat - seashore

Etretat - the beach