Decrease in the crime rate in Paris

Any tourist city, especially if we talk about such popular ones as Paris, suffers from crimes aimed at travelers firstly. And now we are glad to inform that in 2014 the number of crimes in the French capital began to go down.

During decades the city authorities have been searching all possible means to fight efficiently against thefts, grabbings and hooliganism, and it seems that the right measures were found finally.

The basis of innovations in the activity of Parisian police is involvement of specialists from law-enforcement agencies from other European countries. This year policemen from Italy, Romania, Belgium, Portugal and Germany resisted troublemakers, they have been in places of public gathering together with their French colleagues.

What about the results of the experiment, we have to note that the number of victims of crime in the Louvre decreased by 13 percent, at Champs-Elysees – by 24, in the area of Notre-Dame and Montmartre – by 6 %.

Of course, we can not say that Paris got rid of crime completely by a magic wand movement, but it has definitely become safer.