Cityscoot: Scooters rent in Paris

Paris becomes more and more attractive as to the transport infrastructure, and that’s really good for tourists who visit the city. As you probably know, in the French capital there are rental services of bicycles (Velib) and electric cars (Autolib) which are actively used by visitors and locals (especially actual for bikes). And now we are glad to inform you that a system of rental electric scooters will start its activity in Paris from June 2015.

By the way, the two first initiatives are projects of the city authorities, but scooters is a private company “Cityscoot” idea.

As we’ve already said, all scooters are electric. And that means: more places for parking, less noise and, the main thing, no environmental pollution, what is so important for a modern megalopolis.

“Cityscoot” starts with 35 scooters but already to the beginning of 2016 the company plans to increase their number up to 1000 vehicles.

As opposed to bicycles and electrocars, scooters will be available at any point of Paris, and a special mobile application will detect their location.

Tentative price to rent a scooter during a startup period is about 2-3 Euro per 15 minutes, and it will depend on the place where you want to leave your scooter: at a “Cityscoot” charging spot or just on a street.

PS: and also we would like to offer you a short video about how a scooter ride in Paris can look like 🙂