Castle of Monte Cristo – legendary heritage of Alexandre Dumas

Monte Cristo… This name is familiar to almost everyone who faced the works of famous French writer – creator of legendary “Musketeers” – Alexandre Dumas. But only few of us have the information that there is the castle of Monte Cristo not far from Paris open to all.

The history of the castle of Monte Cristo began in the middle of the nineteenth century after the great success of Dumas’ novel “Three Musketeers”. This work has brought the author international fame and, most importantly, wealth. Of course, Alexandre did not stop his writing activities, but money has changed his life in many ways.

During writing a novel about the adventures of Count of Monte Cristo Dumas decided to build a castle near Paris, dedicated to his hero. And since the writer was a resolute person, he had realized his ideas.

First of all, Alexandre Dumas purchased land (2 hectares) of one of the local people and gradually prepared for construction. Purchased land was not the most suitable for construction of the castle because it was quite marshy. However, he was not going to retreat. Builders significantly deepened foundation of the castle, so the owner got uninvited cellars for storing wine. In addition, Dumas continued to actively buy nearby lands to expand his domain.

In the summer of 1847 the castle opened its doors to many friends of the writer during a specially arranged ceremony. It should be mentioned that the castle with the lands cost five hundred thousand francs, today – more than a dozen million euros.

The three-story castle had five small rooms decorated in different styles. Also Dumas built another small castle Château d’If near the castle of Monte Cristo, anв it became his private office.

Despite the fact that the writer continued to work actively on his novels, maintenance of the domain was very expensive. As a result, in 1848 officers of justice have described the property and put the castle up for auction. The castle was sold for just 31,000 francs.

After years lands and the castle of Monte Cristo passed from hand to hand, and in 1960 one company wanted to build residential settlement here. However, the community of friends of Alexander Dumas in defended this part of history. Today the castle belongs to the state, it has been restored.

The castle of Monte Cristo is open for tourists throughout the year. It’s address: 1 Chemin des Montferrants, Port-Marly, France. From Paris you can get to the domain of Dumas by train from Gare Saint Lazare to the station Marly-le-Roi.

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