Autumn, summer, spring and winter… Life in Paris is always good!

Paris during different seasons looks as if it is not one but absolutely four different cities. And in many respects thanks to it here come repeatedly to admire its colors in spring and in summer, in winter and in autumn. We would like to tell you about some features of Paris at various times of the year and sincerely we hope that it will be interesting to you.

We will begin non-standard narration about autumn when in the Parisian streets the present gold locks from foliage of chestnuts for which the city is famous for flash, and the well-known Tour Eiffel practically every morning appears shrouded in veil of a cool fog. At this particular time inhabitants of Paris in large quantities come back to the city from vocations they spend behind its limits, and labor year begins again.

Numerous cars, creating serious traffic stoppers are in the streets again. There are less and less tourists in the underground; their place is occupied by Parisians and inhabitants of nearby suburbs. At this time it is curious to observe the changes in the Parisian fashion. Ladies prefer longer dresses, and in clothing stores the place in show-windows is occupied with warm and fur coats, instead of shorts and bikini. As well as in our country, in Paris in the early autumn there is an updating of repertoire of the majority of theaters. But it is only small slice of that pie which is visible to the usual tourist. For inhabitants of Paris the changes are much more visible…

Though Paris has received good soft climate from Mother Nature, but nevertheless in the winter it is possible to find snowfalls which are here the present happiness for local kids, but a real crash for their parents. The local public utilities don’t rejoice such surprises of the nature when it is necessary to face cleaning of a snow cover from the streets reaching half-meter. But usually the winter in Paris is absolutely another, it pleases inhabitants and the city visitors. There is no snow in the streets; air temperature seldom falls below five degrees Celsius. At this time of the year it is a great pleasure to make slow walks in the streets and simply to sit in cafe being treated with tasty hot chocolate. In the pre-Christmas and pre-new Year’s days, whatever the weather is, for Parisians this time is the present holiday when in the city the good mood reigns.

Paris is a place which is possible to name the center of world romanticism in the spring, the city blossoms, exults, opens the embraces for each of us… To estimate all delights of spring Paris, it is necessary to make walks on its quays, to admire the Parisian bridges which in spring months look simply surprisingly. Make pleasant walk on one of numerous river ships, it will bring pleasure to the second part of yours. All the best in Paris is connected with water in the spring, therefore don’t ignore during this season magnificent Seine.

Summer Paris meets thousand tourists every year with shining sun and heat over thirty degrees. For this reason many Parisians prefer to spend summer out of Paris, going to more suitable quiet and pleasant places. But the Parisian heat can be replaced by a thunder-storm and lightning suddenly. Besides viewing every possible sight in the summer in Paris it is pleasant to spend time in a cool shade of trees of the Luxembourg garden, Bois de Boulogne or other local parks. In the evenings the city life is filled with new beautiful colors; bright fires of cafes attract you to have a rest, restaurants, clubs and other entertaining institutions release visitors only at daybreak…