Amboise and Clos Luce – photo gallery

We continue our virtual tour over France and this time let’s dwell on the old town of Amboise on the Loire River to the east of Tours in Indre-et-Loire department.

Nowadays it’s a beautiful and rather popular tourist town, and in former times (until the middle of the XVI century) Amboise was a very important centre in the life of France. The kings Louis XI, Louis XII and Francis I used the local castle as their official residence.

This grandiose construction can be called the real gem of the Loire. White walls of the Amboise castle tower above the bank and are reflected in the river.

The castle of Clos Luce is located not far from there. It’s the place where the legendary master of the Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci worked and died. Today the Clos Luce is a house-museum dedicated to the great artist and inventor.