Air France has prepared a new exclusive New Year’s menu for its passengers

The main French airline Air France has prepared a pleasant surprise for the first-class passengers who are visiting Paris for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

In flight they will have possibility to enjoy with caviar and dainty French cuisine. The menu on board includes a turbot of clam backs with seafoods dressing, black rice and potatoes with backs of smoke-dried salmon.

In addition, on arrival to Paris, we recommend you to visit the restaurant Laperouse (51, quai Grands Augustins) whose walls still remember such famous Frenchmen as Maupassant, Hugo and Zola. Restaurant Maxim’s (3, rue Royal) is also worthy of note, nowadays its owner is Pierre Cardin, and Fouquet’s (99, av. Champs Elysees).

Business lunches are ideal at Georges (19, rue Beaubourg) and Costes (239, rue Saint Honore).

If you like a little carnival, but cozy atmosphere of Parisian “flea markets”, go to the restaurant “Roger La Grenouille” (28, rue des Grands Augustins). By the way, this is one of the best places to try such a traditional French dish like frog’s legs.