Stade de France

March 6, 2010 / Various

Undoubtedly, Paris is well-known for the magnificent sights, great history and ingenious representatives of the world of art and culture. But, France, as well as the majority of the European states, has also nice sports history. Even the fact that the first president of the International Olympic committee (and the founder of Olympic Games in their modern kind) Pierre de Coubertin was the Frenchman, does honor to this country.

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Tour de France – history of the well-known bicycle race

January 18, 2010 / Various

The well-known race Tour de France (or as Frenchmen often call it La Grande Boucle – the Big loop) has started in 1903. Up to now over hundred races has already taken place under this name. This significant for any professional bicycle racer action is taking place in France during warm July time annually (with an exception during the First and Second world wars) and is considered the most significant competition in sport career.

Every year two more well-known long-lasting races take place in Europe – Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a España namely; but Tour de France nevertheless is quoted much more above, its name unlike the two named above is familiar, perhaps, to everyone interested in sports in the slightest degree all over the world. Remarkable is the fact that starting in Paris the race is one of the most visited sport events in the world.

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