Restaurant Saucette: a sausage for averyone!

August 17, 2017 / Food & Drinks

Dear friends, we’ll not open America for you saying that Paris is not the cheapest city for tourists. That’s why certain lifehacks in the issue of “to save” have to be obviously pleasant and useful :-), especially concerning Parisian restaurants and cafes which often offer not the very tempting prices.
So, if you find yourself in the centre of Paris and want to have a lunch – believe, it will happen without fail, because the main sights of the city are concentrated in its central part. Food? People need to eat! 🙂

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Restaurant Benoit

December 7, 2011 / Food & Drinks

Paris has many interesting sights, it attracts tourists with its luxury boutiques, but it must be admitted that one of the attributes of this city – restaurants. Each of them has its own unique features as in cuisine as in internal atmosphere. Today we will say a few words about Paris restaurant Benoit.

Benoit is not the most hyped-up restaurant in Paris and not every tourist will find it on their own, despite the fact that it is practically in the heart of Paris (Centre of Georges Pompidou and the famous noisy Rue de Rivoli). As a rule, visitors of the restaurant Benoit are patrons.

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