Paris and Perfume

September 9, 2011 / Art & Culture

What is Paris? Louvre, Eiffel Tower and other sights? Maybe it’s so for some people, but there are other important things that attract here millions of people from different countries…

Perfumery… Paris and perfume are closely related ideas during many centuries. And to understand it, you just have to come to this magnificent city and stroll through its streets. Almost everywhere there are numerous shops, offering at their windows high-quality products for every taste.

In fact, Paris is a haven for the real connoisseurs of perfume. Here you can always buy fashionable novelties of the leading brands, your favorite perfume, find old aromas (which has gone from the stores in your country). But, more importantly, in Parisian perfume stores, you can choose unique rare fragrances that will be exclusively yours.

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