Interesting facts about Paris

April 28, 2015 / Travel

Paris is Europe most fascinating city, a place that has everything for the visitor. More than 50 million people visit Paris every year. Learn more interesting facts about Paris in the following infographic.Interesting facts about Paris

Fire on the Georges Philippar

May 17, 2013 / Various
Georges Philippar

May 16 marks 81 year after the crew of the tanker “Soviet oil” rescued 437 people from the burning French liner “Georges Philippar» in the Indian Ocean. Today, only two survivors from passengers who were on that terrible night on board of this French ship, are steel alive. At that time, they were still quite young girls, one of whom was only 3 years old, the other one 8 years. The girls were so terrified that they steel remember the picture of the blazing ship. When they were brought on board the “Soviet oil”, they remembered the taste of plain water, which they watered the soviet sailors.

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Baron Haussmann – the father of modern Paris

June 10, 2011 / Various

In our previous articles about Paris we have already said about transformations of the city under the direction of Baron Haussmann. That time it was famous now Paris Opera, today we will try to tell the story of this undoubtedly great man in detail.

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Memorial of Shoah in Paris

January 24, 2011 / Travel

Paris attracts many tourists not only its wonderful shops, restaurants and historical architecture sights, the French people revere history and give the tribute to their ancestors. So, being in Paris, you can visit some of these places.

As we know, the Second World War has not passed France and left a scar in human memory. One of the reminders of that terrible time for humanity is the Holocaust Memorial (Mémorial de la Shoah), known before as the Tomb of the unknown Jewish martyr. The new memorial was opened by the President of France Jacques Chirac in 2005 on the place of the old one, which was built by the famous architects Alexandre Perzitz, Georges Goldberg and Léon Arretche in 1956.

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The old cars exhibition in Paris

January 13, 2011 / Various

From February 2nd to 6th in the French capital will be held an interesting event called «Retromobile», in which collectors of cars from different countries will participate. The event is traditional, so there is no doubt that the interesting spectacle waits lovers of vintage cars.

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Absinthe — la fée verte (the Green Fairy) of Paris

October 5, 2010 / Food & Drinks

It is obvious that many people no matter whether they are French or foreigners associate Paris with certain places, impressions, people and so on. For one it is Louvre, for another — Notre Dame de Paris, and for the third – … absinthe (the name «green serpent» is more than actual) which is historically possible to name one of the symbols of Paris. It has left a lot of legends; too many apartments in Paris remember its unique aroma.

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Guillotine – a part of the revolutionary history of France

September 9, 2010 / Various

Each of us associates France and Paris with various historical events or sights which we had to face. We have already told many stories of the French capital, its architecture and remarkable and interesting places which should be visited, making a tour to Paris. We would like to devote this material to what is connected with history of Paris at a given time of its existence, and it is the well-known guillotine which has become a symbol of Great French revolution.

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