Free roller excursions in Paris

April 4, 2014 / Travel

If you are fond of roller-skating then, perhaps, you’ll be glad to know that now tourists may have enthralling excursions across Paris in a sports regime. For example, every Friday Paris Roller company organizes night tours (Paris by night) in Montparnasse area during which you can see many theatres, the Montparnasse tower, the old Paris custom house, the Observatory, the Catacombs and other interesting places. Beginning – 09.30 p.m.

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Free Fitness in Paris at Suzanne Lenglen Sports Center

February 11, 2014 / Various

Vacation in the other country is not a reason to quit sport trainings and relax fully, devoting yourself to the god of pleasure and gluttony. 🙂 And if you spend holidays in Paris and have a desire to maintain your physical form, we would like to inform you that the Suzanne Lenglen sports center organizes free exercises in fitness, yoga, flexibility, aerobics, Scandinavian walking for residents and guests of the city.

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Parisians give visitors of the city free tours

September 19, 2011 / Travel

No boring and tired of typical tours guides. These tours give banal stories from brochures for tourists, and barely as a backdrop for exciting legends what more truthful than the official history. Legends… As about familiar to everyone sights as about people, houses, streets, cafes and shops, about which you would not know anything ever.

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