Who is the richest in France

November 13, 2018 / Various

Gfk agency carried out a research on the level of disposable income and found out that in 2018 the Frenchmen are at the 13th position in Europe. On average, every French resident can spent (purchasing power) 20040 Euro per year (after taxes payments), while an average European only 14290 Euro.

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Back to the Middle Ages – Provins

October 19, 2011 / Travel

Ladies and gentlemen, in this our new material we are continuing our series of articles about interesting places located in the environs of Paris, which you can visit during your vacation in the French capital. Today we talk about the town of Provins located a half hour drive from the city on the Seine. Today its population is only about twelve thousand inhabitants, but do not think that this is just a banal provincial French town. Provins is a cultural heritage of the global significance by UNESCO. And if you – a lover of the Middle Ages and everything connected with it, so Provins must be on the map of your French route.

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