Season of sales started in Paris

The first day of the summer season of sales has started in France without a special buying craze, – owners of Parisian stores says. However, guests of the French capital who love shopping can think positively.

This year queues are much smaller – in spite of the impressive 50-70% and even more discounts. At the same time number of personnel in the sales area will be traditionally increased concerning all other months. Stores, boutiques and shops are more friendly to each client and sometimes ready to offer a very nice bonus in addition to a discount on their goods.

Unfortunately, the court banned the major Parisian department stores like, for example, BHV-Rivoli and Galeries Lafayette to work until night. Management of the stores planned to close their shop floors only at 22.00. However, even up to 20.00-21.00, when the shops are open, visitors of Paris who know a lot about good shopping will have time to do many nice purchases. Especially if you will start in the early morning – right from opening of the stores when it’s not very crowded.

The season of discounts in France will be continued till the end of July. And at this time you can get anything for low prices – as bulk commodities as the exclusive things in boutiques of Christian Dior, Gucci and other famous brands.

Moreover, in August many shops of the French capital will also offer good discounts for their buyers.