Colette’s history has being ended

Surely, many people who come to Paris not only for sightseeing but for interesting shopping as well will be sad after this news – Colette store to be closed.

Colette is called the most fashion store in Paris and, of course, numerous Parisians and travellers are upset with happened. Especially because of we know that this year the store, founded by the famous writer and journalist Colette Russo, has celebrated its 20 year anniversary, and did it more than brightly and pompously.

For the umpteenth time the history confirms everything in this world has its end. But let’s hope Sarah Andelman, a daughter of the founder, who managed the store, will gladden us by her new conceptual project in the immediate future.

And to keep your good mood we remind that Galeries Lafayette and Printemps, the glamourous Avenue Montaigne are still at their places. 🙂

Life is going on and Paris – a Moveable Feast!