Boulevard Haussmann and its star Galeries Lafayette

What is Boulevard Haussmann? The answer to this question is known to every self-respecting Parisian, because a man (Baron Haussmann) did a lot for the development of Paris, and he has the great respect. Boulevard Haussmann is not only parisian apartments where the famous persons of France lived, primarily street became world famous thanks to its large department stores, what were founded in Haussmann age. The popularity of shopping at this place is confirmed by the fact that the locals call this conglomeration of shops as Grands Magasins. And, agree, that’s more than an honor.

If to believe the unofficial statistics, the main architectural attraction of the city on the Seine – Eiffel Tower – daily attracts about fifteen thousand Parisians and visitors of the capital, but … This is nothing if compare with the number of people who visit only one Galeries Lafayette. So, this luxurious store accepts a hundred thousand customers per day. Most likely, no other place in the French capital is able to boast a large attendance. And believe that many of the sixty million tourists who annually choose Paris as their aim visit Grands Magasins.

In general, the Galeries Lafayette is not just a Parisian store, it’s the famous brand, relations to which many strengths of this world have. Its customers were such famous figures as the legendary actress Edith Piaf, the wife of President de Gaulle, the Secretary of the United States of America, Hillary Clinton, supermodel Claudia Schiffer and others. Even a “corn” ruler of the Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev, visited the store, showing that not everything “western” was alien to the Soviet man. Exactly, it is impossible to say how many people visit the Galeries LaFayette, but certainly it can be argued that the overwhelming number of visitors – representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, because a department store offer a wide range of various products, many of which can be purchased exclusively in Paris.

Today Lafayette – the legend, the creators of which more than one hundred years ago were young traders Alphonse Cap and Theophile Bader. In 1893 businessmen founded a small dry goods store on the Boulevard Haussmann, from which the history modern “gallery” traces. Thanks to the innovations applied talented businessmen shop constantly developed and increased the number of its clients. In 1912 the total area of five-story department store was a little less than twenty thousand square meters. The focus on the client has been always at the heart of the store, so it became one of the most popular places in Paris very quickly.

Galeries Lafayette is also known as “fashion laboratory” where there are not only many boutiques of the famous fashion houses, but many festivals and fashion premieres of collections of worldwide known Cooters has been organized here, as well as young masters start their way in the world of high fashion.

The current owners of the Galeries Lafayette say with pleasure, that happy with the new trend in their store. If earlier the majority of customers were locals, in recent years the percentage of foreign buyers significantly increased. This makes possible to compete with the glamorous shops of Avenue Montaigne. New stores with the brand Galleries open their doors around the world.

We wish you a pleasant shopping in the Galeries LaFayette!