Real Estate

You say: crisis? Buying the real estate in France is becoming more and more popular!

Despite many specialists still consider the French real estate market is in crisis, from May 2016 to May 2017 the rise of purchase and sale deals has been registered in the country.

According to statistic data, over the stated period of time Notaires de France had registered 907 thousand transactions. What is much more than over the analogous previous period – then the real estate in France had being sold\bought 880 thousand times.


As well, we can see the prices hike for the French real estate, what, of course, is connected with a high demand. True, we have to recognize that the prices hike for real estate is fluctuating depending on one or another region of the country. The biggest surge was in Bordeaux, where the average price of a square meter had risen by 15,5 percent – in many it depends on the new high-speed railway line Bordeaux-Paris which allows to reach the capital for two hours.

By recent Notaires de France projections, to the end of August 2017, residential real estate in France will rise in price by 1,2 percent.

So, demand for real estate in France is rising as well as prices. Don’t wait for a peak, buy now – and Glamour Apartments will assist you in this affair professionally!