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Prices in Paris hotels reached the maximum for 4 years

French site has conducted the investigation of the hotels in Paris and arrived at a conclusion that prices reached the maximum for the last 4 years.

According to the results, the average per one night for a double room in Paris hotels reached 221 Euro in October 2014. It’s the record high level for the period the Trivago Hotel Price Index has started its work.

The recent numbers say that this market segment in Paris has approached the rating leader, London, where the average cost of the same room is 225 Euro.

In specialists’ opinion, the main reason of price rise in hotels was Paris Motor Show, which has taken place this month. However, there is no any confidence that prices will return to their previous level.

Thus, we can admit that popular during recent years rental apartments will become even more needed for hundreds of thousands tourists from around the world who come to Paris every year.