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Parisian hotels are still going up

Last year hotel rooms in Paris rose in price by 6% – and the experts of touristic business warn that this is not the limit. 2% of this – inflation. The cost of services in European hotels rises by such amount every year approximately.

The rest – a result of lack of accommodation for guests of the French capital in Parisian hotels. And since 2003 their number is only increasing – not only from countries, traditionally “supplying” thousands of tourists to Paris. In recent years the citizens of Spain, Russia, Brazil and Mexico discover France in quantity.

That’s why, as experts say, prices in hotels of any star level will rise. Hoteliers do not have time to satisfy trivial demand.

If you look at specific statistics, since 1990 the number of travelers, wishing to be absorbed in an atmosphere of the City of Love, increased by 40%, but the number of hotel rooms – only by 12%.

So, as we can see the city’s hotel infrastructure does not have possibility to give accommodation at a reasonable price all of 14 million visitors that Paris receives every year.

Fortunately, Paris rental apartments solve the problem. Being more flexible, the owners of private apartments can meet the needs of tourists, whose number increases every year. Meanwhile, what is especially pleasant, the rental fee of such Parisian accommodation increase with a slower speed.