Real Estate

Buy a flat in Paris

How buy a flat in Paris??

Sooner or later, we are facing with the problem of changing housing. Consider the most popular to date real estate search options. What you can do?

1. Contact the real estate agency.

Each agency has at its disposal the base of apartments, the agent will select the most appropriate flat to the client based on the needs and financial capabilities of the customer. The beauty of agencies is that they are professional and that they know their job, so they know exactly how, where and when buy an apartment or a house the most advantageous.

Pros: you do not do the paperwork and get the complete package of papers that will save your time and your energy.

Cons: lack of direct contact with the owner of the property.

2. Notary can also help you.

In France, the apartment can be bought by a notary, though, this is not the best option, because a lot of notaries will refuse to cooperate with you, they do not really favor this type of activity.

Pros: notaries have more time than real estate agents, so  they can give more time to clients.

Cons: hard to find a notary who will not refuse to take up the sale / purchase of property.

3. Grub on the Internet and find a flat you like.

In the vastness of the world there are many sites that contain a lot of ads for buying and selling real estate. In most cases it is enough to register and log in to the web site, create your advertisement and wait for the results. It’s just a question, how long to wait? Here, there is no clear answer. As well as no one can guarantee the authenticity and integrity of the given information and of people on the other side of the monitor, which in the future may become your partners in the transaction of purchase / sale of real estate.

Pros: At your home you can get access to an unlimited number of advertisements. Also, in this case you’ll be able to buy your flat without intermediaries.

Cons: Unfortunately, the information accuracy in the advertissement is almost impossible to verify.

So what shall I do?

Of course, the main thing to explore all possible options and choose the most suitable option for you, because the purchase of real estate is quite a significant event in your life, because “your home is your castle”!


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