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Apartments in Paris on sale: the market shows rise in supply

It’s hard to believe in but about 25 percent of the apartments and houses in four central arrondissements of Paris are uninhabited. And this is no less than near 20 thousand objects of residential real estate.

This information was announced by Paris urbanism agency (APUR). What about other districts of the capital, there the analogous number is about 15 percent. And it’s noted that the number of empty dwelling is rising up.

Paris authorities struggle with the situation systematically. Two years ago the 20% tax for the owners of apartments and houses for short-term rent was imposed. In the beginning of 2017 it had been raised up to 60 percent at all. This policy inevitably led to decrease of supply of real estate for tourists, coming to Paris.

On the other hand, if you gonna buy an apartment in Paris, there is a plus – a number of real estate for sale is rising up permanently. Besides, it can be seen around all Paris, not only in the central districts.

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