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Usual French dinner: what to order in Paris?

“What do the French like to eat?” Such a public opinion poll was recently conducted in France by order of very popular gastronomic magazine «Vie Pratique Gourmand». The former favorite, what was the leader during five years, – beef ragout with white sauce – had been ranked only at the fourth place now.

Today the duck fillet reigns at kitchens of Paris, Lyon and Marseille.

The second place is occupied by mussels with fried potatoes. This dish was always very popular in the north and northwest of the country and now other French had loved it.

And the couscous closes the “top three”. This dry porridge is prepared on the basis of semolina from durum wheat and served with gravy, stewed meat and vegetables.

As the newspaper notes, this Arabic dish wins more and more fans in France. It contains relatively few calories (however, it strongly depends on the recipe). Therewith, the couscous is easy in cooking, what is very important for modern city dwellers.

All these dishes you can found in Parisian restaurants and cafes. Or, buy the ingredients for them in the nearest stores to cook popular French dinner at home, which would be liked by any Parisian.