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Restaurant Les Ombres — romantic flight over Paris


It is possible to speak and write about Paris infinitely, it is so great, inimitable and various. We won’t stop bringing new materials to your attention. This time our choice has fallen on a remarkable restaurant Les Ombres.

It is difficult to judge but if to trust the opinion of Parisians it is necessary to call the given restaurant the most popular Parisian institution for today. And, being in Paris, you will see the proof of correctness of local residents by having visited always filled halls of Les Ombres. Every night hundreds of pleasant rest judges from Paris and city visitors gather here.

We should say that Les Ombres has more than enough reasons for popularity.

First, the institution is on a roof of the well-known Museum of civilizations of antiquity Quai Branly which has been designed by the well-known French architect Jean Nouvel (for those who don’t remember, this person is the owner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize).

The tourists who have visited this place say that the optimal time for restaurant visiting is an evening after you already take pleasure in viewing the works of art in the halls of the museum located lower. Without the slightest exaggeration we notice that Les Ombres will amaze you both with its culinary masterpieces, and simply amazing view opening before the visitors. To tell the truth, even glamorous Georges (a restaurant located on the roof of the Center of George Pompidou we already told in one of our previous articles) remains a bit behind.

The interior of the restaurant is extremely elegant and at the same time underlined laconic. The basic element of the interior is the decorative grid perfectly well combined with glass walls, looking through which, the well-known Tour Eiffel is represented to your eyes on distance of several meters. Sitting at a little table of this restaurant the bright fires of Paris at night and ships on the Seine will seem to you small glowworms before your eyes. The romanticism and restaurant atmosphere will amaze you already at the entrance and will continue to rejoice throughout all evening.

The head cook of Les Ombres is the well-known master Joel Rebushon. This culinary specialist cooks for all visitors alone, therefore you shouldn’t expect excessively original appearance from the dishes, but their taste is simply magic. Alongside with many known Parisian restaurants the service at Les Ombres is not refined; it attracts visitors with the surroundings, spirit and a magnificent view on Paris. Don’t doubt that having spent a hundred Euros for a supper here; the impressions will remain in your memory for long years.

  • On the map you will find Les Ombres at: 27 quai Branly, Paris.