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Patisserie La Duree in Paris

Along with such well-known cafes like Cafe de Flore and Berthillon a patisserie La Duree offers its visitors amazing and unique atmosphere of Paris which makes the city one of the most popular among tourists all over the world.

The patisserie (or rather, it was a bakery firstly) La Duree was founded in 1862 by Louis Ernest Laduree on rue Royale between the Church of Madeleine and the Place de la Concorde. Only nine years later a bakery passed into a patisserie. The author of interior decorations was Jules Chéret, who also created the official logo — angel.

Today some patisseries work in Paris under the brand name La Duree, however, many Parisians believe that the first (on rue Royale) is the most cozy. It is noteworthy that this place was once a symbol of Parisian lifestyle – l’art de vivre à la française. In addition, La Duree – the first institution in Paris, where women could come without a man.

What about “core” merits of confectionery, so in the first place La Duree is famous for its almond cookies “macaroons”. The delicacy has appeared thanks to an idea of a grandson of the founder of the patisserie Pierre, who proposed to «glue» two cookies with ganache.Technology of macaroons preparation has not changed since that time, and cookies available for sale only 48 hours after baking. Macaroons at La Duree have a large number of different fillings – from coffee to vanilla.

Patisserie La Duree is also known for excellent chocolate, cakes, pastries. These products are not only delicious, the local bakers (including designers) pay great attention to appearance — a local cake could be called a work of art. The same concern the boxes for products of La Duree.

The patisserie offers not only an opportunity to eat sweets, but also breakfasts and dinners. Food is very tasty, but the prices “bite”, and you can wait a table long enough.

The main patisserie La Duree is located at 16, rue Royale in the 8th district of Paris. Official site —

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