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Paris restaurant Toro

Modern Paris is interesting for thousands of tourists from around the world not only with its architectural heritage, but also that nowadays there are representatives of dozens of nationalities here. And all of them bring to the life of the city something special, truly unique.

A large variety we can see and among restaurants, presented in Paris. One of the most striking and original Parisian restaurants is Toro, whose visit allows us to plunge into the unique and vibrant atmosphere of the Iberian Peninsula, where historically intertwined cultures of Spanish and Portuguese people.

Toro restaurant’s interior is made in the typical for the region orange-brown color. Entering the restaurant you can’t pass the bull’s head, speaking frankly about love of Iberians to the Corrida.

Cuisine, offered to visitors of the restaurant Toro, fully corresponds to the traditional culinary preferences of the inhabitants of Spain and Portugal. It serves the excellent meat dishes, which, coupled with great wines, presents the great feeling.

The average cost of a dinner with an appetizer for one person is around 40 Euro.

The restaurant Toro is located at 74 Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau. This is the 1st arrondissement of Paris in the center of the city.