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Paris – the native land of the king of cheeses!


France is not only the native land of magnificent wine and cognac brands, fashion and musketeers, along with the several other European countries a large quantity of grades of cheese which number is not less than the number of asterisks on flags of all states of the world are cultivated here.

So, only having their own unique name in the country is more than four hundred grades. And how many rural farms in all France make French cheese without name, has anyone considered?

For the majority of inhabitants of France this product from sour milk is not an ordinary element of the menu, this is true art, science and tradition in one notion, it is even possible to tell that cheese here is a religion. Each of the French provinces has presented to the world many culinary traditions millions of people all over the world enjoy today.

Paris, as it is necessary to a capital city, is the present centre of the French cookery where an interested person has possibility to get acquainted with the gastronomic production representing all regions of the country. So, Paris is not only an administrative capital of the country, it also culinary capital of France. It is in Paris where one of the most magnificent delicacies – magic and well-known liquid cheese by the name of Brie appeared.

Speaking about this cheese it is necessary to notice at once that its compounding is one of the oldest in the country, and it is considered to be a primogenitor of such well-known grade of cheese as camembert. Nobody can tell for certain when Brie has been made for the first time, but its first documentary mention is dated the middle of the eighth century – time of reign of King Charles the Great.

The informal title of “the king of cheeses” Brie has received in 1815 during negotiations about the further destiny of France after its defeat in the battle at Waterloo. During heavy debate the negotiators have casually started dispute on whose cheese is better. And the big tasting consequence was the victory of the French cheese over such strong contenders as Gouda (Netherlands), Stilton (Great Britain) and Parmesan (Italy).

In 1980 Brie has received a mark by which the best wines of the world are usually awarded, – АОС which is deciphered as “primordially controllable name”. There are three kinds of this great cheese: Brie de Coulomiers, Brie de Meaux and Brie de Melun. So three small towns near Paris are called in which these grades are made. Present Brie can be made strictly on the confirmed compounding exclusive in Melun,  Meaux and Coulomiers.

Brie has magnificent flavoring scale, especially when it reaches room temperature, and remarkably approaches to white and red wine.