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Terraces of Parisian cafes can vanish

“The cafe has a terrace,” – this phrase in the information on a cafe or restaurant plays important role for many visitors of Paris.

Cozy terraces of Parisian cafes are very popular among travelers from around the world. And, of course, among Parisians. However, they can vanish from the streets of Paris through a year.

The general court of Paris banned the use of gas heaters since 2013. The reason – they supposedly contribute to the greenhouse effect. As the Parisians note with sadness, such a measure could lead to the fact that many of the terraces, where you always can have a cup of coffee or glass of wine in comfort even in winter, will go to the past.

Certainly, terraces of cafes or restaurants can be warmed with electricity, not gas. But there is no doubt that the French division of the European Green Party, initiated the ban, will go further. Already now its activists say that lovers of the terraces have to warm themselves under the plaids solely.

The owners of cafes appeal to the city hall of Paris, expressing their opinion on the issue.

“A light day in late autumn – early winter in Paris lasts no more than 5 hours, and the average temperature does not exceed 8 degrees” – they say. – “So, because of the ban we can not protect our customers from the cold.” The opponents of the ban also add that it’s “the attack against the Parisian way of life”.

Among the reasons of the owners of cafes and ordinary lovers to relax on a cozy terrace there is a remark that the electricity generated at nuclear power stations may be more dangerous for the environment than natural gas.

Moreover, the use of electric heaters (and before that – the dismantling of gas burners and the installation of new equipment) will force the Parisian cafes to raise prices for their services.