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Food stores in Paris

During many decades Paris is one of the most popular tourist destinations not only in Europe, but, perhaps, in the world. Moreover, many tourists prefer to rent apartment in Paris than to stay at hotels. Naturally, in this case the question of “food” is more than actual, because owners of the apartments do not offer their tenants even breakfast. For this reason we would like to say on the Parisian food stores in this material.

Frankly, we should recognize that there are many grocery shops in Paris. This concerns as large supermarkets as small specialized shops.

What about the big supermarkets, so minimum one of them is in every administrative district of Paris (there are 20 of them). Small specialized stores are on almost every street of the city. Among them you will find «boulangerie» – real Parisian bakery with a wide selection of rolls and baguettes, «patisserie» – sweetshops with surprisingly delicious desserts and pastries, «charcuterie» – stores of meat delicacies, «boucherie» – butcher shops, and, of course, «fromagerie»- the famous French cheese shops.

The most expensive grocery shops of Paris, including the famous Fauchon, are situated near the Place de la Madeleine. The price level is largely due to a luxurious entourage of stores. The Parisians are not frequent visitors of these local supermarkets. But even here you can find chic Parisian delicacies at very acceptable prices.

The center of Paris is the most “poor” for supermarkets, and you’ll have to endeavour to find a similar shop here. As a small “note” you can remember the stores at 21, Avenue de l’Opera (near the Opera Garnier) and 52, Avenue des Champs Elysees. If you go shopping at the legendary Galeries Lafayette, visit its Gourmet department, offering a huge range of seafood, cheeses, meat delicacies, ready snacks and dishes from many parts of France.

The French Government is very concerned about supporting of local producers, so major part of food in the shops is French.

Paris is the real paradise for lovers of cheese. Local stores offer their customers hundreds varieties of goat milk cheese and cheese with a noble mold. Wine lovers can go through a culture shock, being in the wine department of a supermarket. It’s impossible to count up the number of sorts, and the price of a bottle of wine or champagne starts from 1 Euro. Although the locals prefer to buy wine for themselves at price from 5 Euros.

As any big city Paris has several large food store chains. For example, the cheapest of them are the stores ED, specializing in products of not very famous manufacturers; and their range is relatively small. According to local residents, a much better selection is in grocery stores LEADER PRICE, and the cost of food is almost the same as in ED. Large assortment is presented in mid-priced stores – Champion, Franprix, Monoprix and Carrefour.