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The classic Parisian glamorous frivolity in cafe Georges

Paris is a city of numerous attractions, there are so many of them that it’s difficult to list all by any single person, even if you live in Paris whole life. The French capital is always in progress, so to notice all its changes is not possible. However, we continue to introduce you to interesting places of Paris on the pages of our site, including museums, art galleries, theaters, concert halls, restaurants, cafes and others, recommended for visiting.

This time we chose a popular Parisian cafe Georges for a brief description. Many locals and tourists advise to come here, when it is night already and the doors of Centre Pompidou are closed behind the last visitor.

If you are going to get into the cafe you will have to make a short trip in a luxury lift with a red interior to the sixth floor. Before entering the restaurant you’ll see (like in a fairy tale) two guards, whose form will tell you that there are some strange and exciting things in the cafe at this moment.

Nobody likes to queue on, so it is strongly recommended to reserve a table at Georges in advance. Sitting at the table here, you’ll get a magnificent view of Paris, that’s why this café never stands empty.

You should know that the real model can take your order and to serve a table the whole evening as an ordinary waitress. But even if your waitress will not be a professional fashion model, believe, she will satisfy all severe requirements of the restaurant’s direction to beauty and slenderness of staff.

Some time ago guests did not like the interior design of cafe Georges, but after a major reconstruction it became very original. The owners and regular clients of the café liked a radical solution to give each wall (they create a kind of individual cocoons) its unique color (yellow, steel, plywood, plastic, red and others). Georges has many VIP clients and is a part of famous restaurant chain of brothers Costes.

Being in Georges you always feel some carelessness, and not only in the interior, but also in the actions of staff and respectable audience. So, do not be surprised, if the waitress will suddenly stumble and drop to the floor a glass of champagne or a dessert, passing your table. But do not worry, because traces of the incident will be removed very quickly.

Talking about the audience, which visits Georges, we can compare these people with those who never miss any fashion show in Paris (somebody like Paris Hilton in America). There are always many visitors, great music plays, and though you feel intimacy.

The average cost of bills per person in Georges is about forty-sixty Euros, but this does not include drinks (wine, whiskey, vodka, champagne) you will probably want to order.

• Address of Cafe Georges: Centre Georges Pompidou, rue Beaubourg 19. Time of service: every day except Tuesday.

Enjoy your time in this magnificent Parisian cafe!